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A man in front of a big transparent planning bar chart that shows information about production schedule of a purchase order. He is checking in detail this planning to know the actual order status as Nexua Excellnce quality explain in this article.
What is expediting for?
13 January 2021

WHAT IS EXPEDITING FOR? The value of expediting is intrinsically linked to the proportional value of the costs entailed in problems…

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General view of an Offshore platform in the middle of the calm sea, blue sky in a sunny day. It seems normal live has been recovered as Nexua Excellence quality explains in this article.
Post coronavirus recovery in the Oil & Gas industry
4 December 2020

POST CORONAVIRUS RECOVERY IN THE OIL & GAS INDUSTRY Investors viewpoint of the coronavirus in oil & gas sector Most investors…

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Pipeline of an oil & gas project, under assembling activities in the middle of the forest, but it seems it has been abandoned because of the coronavirus, as explain Nexua Excellence quality in this article, forced to stop all project's activities as assembling, inspection, etc...
Coronavirus impact on Oil & Gas projects
29 October 2020

CORONAVIRUS IMPACT ON OIL & GAS PROJECTS Delays of Oil & Gas project due to coronavirus In the onset of 2020,…

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