Nexua Excellence quality offers you services such as field expediting


With project deadlines and schedules being calculated with less and less room for delay of any kind, professional expediting resources have become a key part of successful project completion.

Starting the expediting process once the order is already in delay is no longer likely to result in timely delivery and it may impact the overall construction schedule, which may result in additional costs to the project.

NEXUA offers you services such as field expediting and full-time monitoring/project coverage, planned simultaneously with inspection activities or independently as appropriate to your specific project needs, in order to assist you in identifying potential problems or delays in the process at the earliest and comprehensively evaluate the supplier’s production activities to ensure that our client delivery requirements will be achieved.

Based on client’s delivery requirements to be achieved, the areas usually evaluated for expediting are:


Checking documentation flowing (such as Drawings, Calculations, Datasheets, Quality documents, QCP’s, welding documents, procedures, etc…) between client and supplier is essential to maintain the expected dates between the client and supplier to assure documents arrive on time and do not interrupt fabrication caused by delays in document issue, approval and so on.


Continuous monitoring and control of Sub-order emission, Date of arrival and Internal inspection of incoming main material, to verify that the expected dates are within the production schedule and not affect the client’s delivery requirements.


Control of production schedule in order to ensure feasibility, checking time and resources used for and verify if everything is suitable for the production or, if any, analyse the discrepancies found and make specific recommendations accordingly, in order to achieve client’s delivery requirements.


Control inspection progress according to relevant QCP (Quality Control Plan) and availability of necessary equipment to perform the required tests.

To assure that the supplier is internally organized and properly notifying, in terms of time and schedule, the relevant inspections within previously agreed look ahead time.


Ensure that packing is understood and appropriate planning is made together with inspection and release.

Confirm that pick-up delivery dates have been established and transport mode booked in advance, in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience in terms of delays due transport permits, and ensuring that all shipping documentation is ready and submitted in order to avoid delays in customs clearance process.