A Nexua Excellence quality inspector carrying out a quality assurance check of a product or service provided by the manufacturer.

Quality Assurance

NEXUA guarantees that the product or service provided by manufacturer meets the accepted quality standards, relating to the achievement of educational program standards established.

NEXUA achieved it by specifying methods in which quality standards presence can be ensured and specifying ways in which quality standards can be measured to ensure conformance. Our mechanisms:

Quality Audits

NEXUA undertake audits against client’s own designated program.

Such audits are conducted in very formal and comprehensive way with the utilization of appropriate checklists as a means of identifying the areas of evaluation and the objective evidence gathered to support the conclusion.

If required, Corrective Action Notices are issued summing-up all system failures evidenced and indicating all corrective actions required to rectify the situation.

Vendor Surveillance

Vendor surveillance is generally conducted at the requests of clients wishing to place a Purchase Order onto a new vendor, but have no or little background information about the vendor.

Of utmost importance is the quality of equipment expected and for this reason NEXUA leans towards the utilization of inspectors with experience of the subjected equipment rather than a pure auditor.

SURVEILLANCE typically includes the following checking steps: contract review, engineering, purchasing, stores, maintenance, condition and calibration of shop floor equipment, requisite approvals of personnel, shop floor capacity in terms of present and future workload, and lifting capability.

In addition, the evaluation usually obtains information concerning present clients, turnover, and the existence of trade unions.